She could be called the E.F. Hutton of popular music.  When Shirleta Settles sings, EVERYONE listens!!!  Equally at home with Blues, Jazz, Gospel and Soul and R&B, this small package of a lady embodies what it is to be the consummate musician and entertainer.  Often selling out venues not only for her powerful vocal stylings, but also because she has mastered the art of involving her audience who flock to see her and become and active part of the party she throws wherever she goes.  Volumes could be written about her performances, but they are all most often summed up by those who have seen her with just one word, “WOW!!!”

Bethesda Blues and Jazz Supper Club

“When I watch Shirleta perform, I know she is truly living her purpose.  I’m a fan for life!”

Saleem Hylton – Founder and President of the African American Music Association and Board Member of The Howard Theater

“Shirleta is a dynamic performer, who knows what it means to entertain an audience!”

Esther Williams – Co-Founder and Manager of the Washington Jazz Arts Institute

“Shirleta really understands how to run a party, which is one of the biggest challenges to get an event’s momentum up. In fact, I think that many other bands could learn a lot from Shirleta. She really knows how to throw a party!”

Wendy Raab — Party Planner, Rave reviews

“I have been a Shirleta Settles fan for over 20 years.  Her versatility is uncanny, from the sultry sound of Nancy Wilson to the funky groove of James Brown.  Her amazing stage presence will hold your attention as she combines her magnetic personality with her ability to perform amazing renditions of your favorite jazz, blues and R&R standards.  Spend an evening in concert with Shirleta Settles and you too will be a Shirleta Settles fan.”

Gerard Pinkney – CEO GP Promotions

“Last night I watched a gifted vocalist give a fantastic show. She was looking beyond radiant, was brilliant from showmanship, transferring through her vocal register with ease/beauty to the oneness with her band and her sold out audience. She was TRUE to herself and a fine example of everything I want to be. I was humbled to have been asked to sing a song introducing me and my show (tomorrow night…) to her audience. In having had my share of hard knocks from other singers and musicians; it was a breath of fresh air to experience the opposite. It is encouraging to know that there are still some out there that are so solid within themselves to still help you. To DIVA, Shirleta Settles…truly thank you. To say that you have made my night is an understatement.”

“If you have NOT seen this lady, you must do so.”

Anita King – International Jazz vocalist

“I had the pleasure of working with Shirleta for fifteen years! She was an amazing band leader, singer, and entertainer! I constantly received rave reviews about her. Shirleta has a gift for connecting not only with the musicians around her but also her clients and especially the audience, which is most critical to having a successful outcome with any event.” 

Andy Kushner – Entertainment Designer

“To see Shirleta is not just to attend a show.  To See Shirleta is to become part of an entertainment experience!

Dr. Nick, WPFW-FM Radio